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throne_room's Journal

The Throne Room- Sorrial/Alreon RPG
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This is the out of character page for all sorts of relevant information, like what to do when your dragon skin bag starts to bite people. Just kidding (that’s for in character posts). This is for information on how to join, what the story is about, rules, laws, etc.

First and foremost, joining is relatively easy. It is also somewhat necessary if you want to post. Send your application via e-mail to the Queen at the above e-mail address, and click the links to join both communities: http://www.livejournal.com/community/join.bml?comm=pixie_press

Next on the list is the story-line. We’ll begin with the highly condensed version of Alreons history. Many years ago, a band of refugees came from afar, fleeing their homeland, and the hardships within. Following the visions of the Seer Dominic, they traveled for months through desert and mountain to get to the land foretold in Dominic’s dreams. While coming out of the mountains through a pass now known as Devon’s Gate, they first laid eyes upon the distinctive mountain described by Dominic, which now bears the name Dominic’s Peak. Settling down in the vast, fertile valley, they built the city of Dawn’s Hope, which soon became the capitol of the country of Alreon.

They lived in relative peace and prosperity for several centuries, expanding their control over the entire valley, and all the way to the ocean. About 50 years ago the then current king Reginold Devohn the 16th decided on an expansionist policy. He did this mainly by declaring war on anyone he could reach, and winning. His son Reginald Devohn the 17th, continued this policy, ignoring affairs close to home in order to concentrate on controlling all of the known world. This did not make him very popular at home or abroad and the kingdom quickly degenerated under his rule.

Our story begins after he is assassinated, and the crown falls on the reluctant head of his only legal offspring Princess Ellesandra Devohn the 1st.

The Rules
1. This is a third person RPG. All posts must be done in character. Direct out of character posts to The Pixie Press.

2. You the player agree to abide by all LJ terms of service http://www.livejournal.com/legal/tos.bml .If you submit a character for the game, you are agreeing to our terms. We take harassment and copyright infringement very seriously (see rule 12). This is a game, we are all here to have fun. More over this is a creativity game, we expect everyone to create their own characters, and join together to create original stories. Please do not steal! Any abusers of any of these terms will be dealt with by the Queen, personally, and punishments may be severe including temporary banishment or grisly execution, depending on the severity of your crime. Executions are permanent, there is no re-incarnation on Sorrial.

3. There are no gods in this game, no one is all-powerful, all-knowing, or omni-present. If you were not around when something happened, no one told you about it, and you were not watching via spell or crystal ball, then you do not know that it happened.

4. People’s characters are their own. No one else can control your character, and you can’t control anyone else’s. NPC’s (extras) are controlled by anyone, but consistent with the story-line. Characters created for scenes by a player (i.e., family, servants, local thugs, etc.) are to be treated as the character and not moved around by other players.

5. Backdating is when you post about one day, then the next post about a day that happened earlier. This is not allowed. It interrupts the flow of the game, and confuses the other characters. It also is too easy to “cheat” that way, making an event happen differently, or screwing up what someone else said about the later time. Posts can only move forward with time. For simplicity’s sake, we decided to use the the traditional American calendar. Since no-one knows the future (It’s foggy even to the best seers!) you are not allowed to post ahead of the current colander date. You may post about past dates however, and it is very likely that the game will actually be several days earlier than the actual OOC date, largely because it may take a couple weeks for a couple hour event to play through. Commenting however, works a little differently. If you have a post dated for Dec. 2, but someone else posts about Nov. 17 not only is it acceptable, but expected to comment in their post if you were somewhere in the vicinity. Just make sure you don’t do anything that will contradict what happens in your post.

6. All posts must be at least one paragraph long. Please use lots of details, i.e. surroundings, sounds, colors, smells. Comments are the only place where 'one-liners' are allowed.

When writing a post, please set up your subject line this way- Date, Day, general area, and exact area. For example July 6, Sat, The palace, Queens Chambers. It’s not necessary to put the subject line in your comments unless there’s a scene change during your post. (I.e.- They start in the Queen’s chambers, and then they go to a local tavern)

7. Current mood, and current music are done in character. Music means what they are hearing, not you. For example in the council room you might hear “councilors arguing” or in a garden “strolling minstrels”

8. Once your character has been created, you must have an icon to go with it. Please use one that fits your characters appearance. It doesn’t have to be too detailed or exact, it just needs to give the other players an idea of who they’re talking to. It’s ok to use someone else’s artwork, but please try to give proper credit to the artist. If you don’t know, than put that instead.
Please do not re-create a character from another story, show, or movie. You can use their image for your icon, but NOT their name, or personality. we do realize that it's impossible not to occasionaly match some other charactors name, but NOT first and last, and definatly not with the same personality. Please don’t try to put Belgarath, Rincewind, Darth Vader, or any other famous character into our story.(Unless of course you really are David or Leigh Eddings, Terry Pratchett or George Lucas,and can prove it, then they can visit as often as they like!) If we managed to miss the book/story your character came from, and we find out later, your character will be executed, so please be original.

9. Magical Items are items that have been enchanted with powerful magic. Any character may have magical items, but some items have limits and/or levels. A magic level 2 character cannot use a magic level 3. If the item is not leveled, anyone can use it. Items can be bought and sold or stolen, as in real life. No character may own more than three limited magical items at one time. For more details on magical items, go here, http://www.livejournal.com/users/maho_ken/1388.html

10. Magic levels denote potential strength, not skill, training, or aim. Characters cannot earn a higher level. Many spells are leveled, so a level 3 character cannot use a level 4 spell, etc. Be realistic, not everyone is level four. Level Fives are very rare. At the moment there is only one, and only room for one more. Must be approved by mod.

11. IMPORTANT- This game is rated pg-13. Do not put anything you would not see on non-cable TV. It is okay to be suggestive, just remember that there are some younger people playing and viewing this community, and some older people that just don’t want to hear it.

12.Copywright notices: everyone's character belongs to them and them alone. Anyone who wants to write a story later on about alreon and/or it's characters is expected to get permission from everyone who's material they use. If, for instance, you decide to publish a short story about alreon, involving your character and three others, you need to get permission from the mods to use the Alreon setting, and from the players of all three characters, and you must give credit to those you get permission from. If there are any copywright issues with any of the content that is posted (for instance the magic bags, based on Terry Pratchett's Luggage) please send an e-mail to the queen at grmrsan@comcast.net.

Character Guidelines

1. All characters, must be approved by mods, please do not post until all guidelines have been approved, and a mod has given you the go-ahead.

2. Characters must be one of the designated sentient species of Sorrial. A more complete list of sentient, semi-sentient and non-sentient species can be found here. http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=pixie_press&keyword=Creature+list&filter=all
Extra creatures may be added to any list with Queens’s approval, but this won’t happen very often, and you must have a good, plausible explanation for why they are suddenly showing up. Crossbreed characters are ok, but please use common sense. An ogre and a pixie aren’t exactly going to be particularly compatible for breeding children so if you do have an unusual mix, consider adoption.

3. Although there may be a few NPC semi-sentient species hanging around, most SS’s are going to be treated as an extension of the character they belong to. Any SS’s that are played, MUST ‘belong’ to a player character.

4. Non-sentient species are pretty much considered NPC and can be used the same as any other NPC. If one is created for a character, as a pet or ride or whatever, they are to be treated the same as any other characters NPC.

5. Do not change anything about your characters user info without emailing the Queen, and getting approval first. Once a character has been created and approved, than play it as is. They are expected to evolve over time, and sometimes personalities can change that way, but be careful to have it happen in character and during play. Otherwise it will be deleted. We save all applications to have the original as a resource.

6. Please go into as much detail as possible when creating your character. We ask that you have at least one paragraph for each Character Information section, and the better detailed the better the character. This is one way to assure that you are playing a character instead of a stereotype. Stereotypes are really boring to play after a very short while-Trust me!

7. All posts must be at least one paragraph long. Please use lots of details, i.e. surroundings, sounds, colors, smells. Comments are the only place where 'one-liners' are allowed.

Please be as specific as possible.
User Name-
Your Name-
Character Name-
Character Age-
Character Appearance-
Character Sex-
Character Title (if any, must be approved)
Character Race/Species (See species guidelines)-
Character Magic Level (0-5) -
Magic Ability or Type (May include psychic abilities or other paranormal talents)-
Character Occupation (i.e., guard, thief, thug, bum, etc.)-
Character Education-
Character Personality-
Character History-
Character Family-
Character Goals-
Character Fears-
Character Likes(Cannot be “Everything”.)-
Character Dislikes-(Still Can't be everything)
Character Intro- short paragraph written in character to introduce him/her.
I have read and agree to all live Journal and Sorrial/Alreon terms of usage and or agreement. (Must be included on application, and in user info page